Pantelis Melissinos in his Art & Sandal Atelier

Pantelis Melissinos in his Art & Sandal Atelier

Welcome to Pantelis Melissinos Art.

Every single painting by Melissinos seems like a stage where Greek mythology & The Theatre of the Absurd meet and invite ancient or contemporary mythological heroes to tell their stories or sing passionate songs about happiness, sorrows and loves lost or found.

In his artworks, he relates the exploits of legendary or unknown -but nevertheless- very important heroes or heroines. Sometimes the protagonist is a slice of watermelon, a chair, a table, a cactus, a palm tree, some written words and so on… everyone and everything gets an equal opportunity on the Melissinos “stage”. They are all important because they are all part of life. And Life is what his art is about. The colors, the sounds, the scents, the six senses and the feelings of life are all present all the time.

The range of Melissinos’ art varies from sketches and drawings to paintings on canvas or three-dimensional painted assemblages, jewelry, wearable art, poetry, plays, as well as set and costume design. He also writes music and lyrics for the plays he writes and which he produces whenever his need to communicate with a live audience is urgent.


“…In his artworks the ancient myths deal with contemporary anxieties and are depicted in a visual language that combines ancient “primitive”, expressionistic and sometimes surrealistic elements in a different “tonal key”. His 3-dimentional paintings are in a way “set designs” where dynamic forms and brilliant color juxtapositions envelope his leading mythological figure or scene, which gets its meaning from a personal iconography and symbolism…”

Helena Haimalidou
Dictionary of Greek Artists
Volume 3 16-20th Century
Melissa Publications