Monastiraki Sandals

Monastiraki Sandals Today's Monastiraki Sandals are based on the Ancient Greek hand-made-leather Sandals that Stavros Melissinos made in the 50s, in his old workshop on Pandrossou Street. [...]

Sandal Care

SANDAL CARE & FACTS UNISEX SANDAL DESIGNS Our designs are unisex and the sandals are hand made from start to finish. Check our special orders here. All [...]

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals The original modern-day Gladiator Sandals have nothing to do with the notorious gladiators of Ancient Rome. Those tough guys wore the Caliga - a Roman version of the [...]


MELISSINOS SANDALS The Melissinos Sandals would have never made it into fashion’s stylish world if it was not for the unexpected passing of Georgios Melissinos -founder of [...]

Melissinos Art- The Poet Sandal Maker

What do Jackie O, Sophia Loren, John Lennon, Kate Moss, and Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common? They went and bought a pair of Melissinos sandals in Athens! [...]

Melissinos The Poet-Sandal Maker of Athens

In a colourful Athenian shop, tucked away near Monastiraki station, at 2 Aghias Theklas Street, and opposite Monastiraki-Square you will find one of the most legendary sandal [...]