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Gladiator Sandals

Modern, colorful version of the "Cleopatra" design by Pantelis Melissinos The original modern-day Gladiator Sandals have nothing to do with the notorious gladiators of Ancient [...]


In 2019 we moved our sandal and art atelier to our new place, a few steps away from the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis Metro station. A [...]

Stavros Melissinos’ Favorite Museums

Stavros Melissinos used to visit the Old Acropolis Museum As well as the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, where he would get his inspiration for his sandal designs. Today you can [...]

Matt Barrett’s Athens Survival Guide

Here is Matt Barrett's popular Athens Survival Guide. Matt is a good friend and very well informed on Greek Travel. He can give you really useful tips [...]

Monastiraki Sandals

Monastiraki Sandals Today's Monastiraki Sandals are based on the Ancient Greek hand-made-leather Sandals that Stavros Melissinos made in the 50s, in his old workshop on Pandrossou Street. [...]

Sandal Care

SANDAL CARE & FACTS UNISEX SANDAL DESIGNS Our designs are unisex and the sandals are hand made from start to finish. Check our special orders here. All [...]