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MELISSINOS SANDALS The Melissinos Sandals would have never made it into fashion’s stylish world if it was not for the unexpected passing of Georgios Melissinos -founder of [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Athens

Here's a selection of the "Ten Best Things To Do in Athens", according to Matt Barret - a great connoisseur on Greek travel and here is his website: [...]

The sandals that enchanted the international jet set

Ο Παντελής Μελισσινός με τη διάσημη τραγουδίστρια και νεανικό είδωλο Ευριδίκη "Our sandals had now begun to walk proudly or lazily the streets of Athens, [...]

Melissinos Art- The Poet Sandal Maker

What do Jackie O, Sophia Loren, John Lennon, Kate Moss, and Sarah Jessica Parker all have in common? They went and bought a pair of Melissinos sandals in Athens! [...]

Go Greek

If Hermes could stop with the tricks and Dionysus could lay off the vino, perhaps Zeus could find time to anoint Panteleimon. A third-generation craftsman residing in [...]

Artist Sandal-maker Puts Art on Your Feet – Matt Barrett’s Athens Survival Guide

Meet the Son of the Poet, Pantelis Melissinos: Playwright, Artist, Designer, Sandalmaker... and one of the Coolest Guys in Athens In a colourful Athenian shop, tucked away [...]