The prices of our handmade leather sandals depend on inflation and may change at any time without further notice. The price of the special orders depends also on your requirements.

The current list of our handmade leather sandals right now is here:

It takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes from the moment you decide which sandal style you want to get.

The time depends on your requirements. But in general, you can have your sandals the next day.

We use whole grain vegetable – tanned cow leather, from the tanneries of the Greek island of Crete.

I regret to inform you that I cannot currently offer my custom-crafted sandals for sale through online channels due to the complexities posed by Greek bureaucracy. The shipping process for a pair of sandals has presented considerable challenges in the past. Moreover, transitioning to online sales would potentially compromise the exceptional quality that defines my tailor-made sandals.

Furthermore, to ensure an impeccable fit, your physical presence is crucial. This enables me to meticulously measure each strap of the chosen sandal model and make precise adjustments based on the contours of your feet.

In the event that you have an acquaintance or family member with plans to visit Athens, I’m pleased to say that we can easily coordinate the creation of your new sandals. They can conveniently bring your existing pair along, facilitating accurate measurements to craft the ideal fit for your new sandals.


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Besides cash we also accept visa, mastercard, apple pay, google pay

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