You can either buy my sandals in person, at the store, (so that I adjust them perfectly to your feet) or through a friend or relative, visiting Athens, (make sure they’ve got your right measurements).



My hand crafted sandals -as products of love and personal joy, combined with quality are not mass-produced. I do not feel satisfied unless I see the footwear I create perfectly fitted to your feet, but since people’s feet are so different, I often have to get your measurements and re-adjust the sandal straps for a perfect fit, right on the spot.


Various technical problems, like: Expensive Shipping, Insane local laws and regulations, Insurance-Unavailability for some countries, and above all, lack of time and inability to expand due to the ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ of the local Bureaucracy, which daily wastes senselessly our time and frustrates any attempt, on the part of non-corporate, traditional businesses like mine, to increase their activities.

For a short period of time, I thought my sandals could be available on line, for the sake of old customers who kept calling me or sending me e-mails, from all over the world. However I realized the whole thing could get out of hand. Keeping up with such an international demand, would mean that I’d have to open a factory and forget all about our hand crafted quality and my art. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, conditions and laws (regarding my traditional trade) are not favorable for such an endeavor and I would not be fair to myself or anyone else, if I tried to kill my love of the arts, my personality and principles so as to turn into an impersonal corporate guy, caught up in intricate business dealings. If I managed to offer my sandals over the internet I would rather do it on a small scale. I’m too old for big business and besides: my true reward (believe it or not) is my happy faced customers, who buy my custom made sandals and tell me that my inimitable shop, with its upbeat and colorful atmosphere has been the highlight of their trip.

I am afraid that I am an incurably romantic person, who strongly believes that the essence of an individual’s being is found in the honest, kind and unpretentious, daily joys of life and after all, that’s what I preach through my art and poetry as well.

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